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And they want to tell their stories.

uncovering birth





the most powerful words are the unsaid.

Memory is stored in the body and goes as far as the cell's existence. You might not remember the words, but how it felt, you will never forget.

Babies' feeling of themselves is first and foremost, a bodily feeling, an existence that relies on the information received by their senses. The way babies are being born will tell their bodies if they are safe or if they must make use of their innate resources to ensure their survival.

If the world doesn't feel gentle and welcoming, babies will tell this story through their movements, sounds, cries, silences, and demands.

Their body will tell the story. And your body will too.



Who wants to bring more compassion, presence, and intuition to their relationship with their babies and themselves.

Who knows that healing happens beyond the frontiers of the conscious mind.

Embody Your Parenting

heal from the root.

Exploring Prenatal and Birth Experiences.
Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma.
Healing Birth Imprints.
Uncovering Birth Trauma.

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Who am I?

I'm a Perinatal Somatic Coach and a Doula, whose great passion is the power of compassion and emotional holding.

My dream is to ensure that parents and babies don't go through difficult birth experiences without being given the chance to heal right from the start.
And it all begins by helping parents connect with their baby’s experience of birth and become sovereign in their baby’s healing journey (whilst discovering about their own) through connectedness and compassion.
I will mirror to you the parts that you can't see so you can truly align with the essence of who you are, from the core and build greater connectedness in your relationships from within.

Kind Words

'I am so thankful to have found you. I can't even imagine what my baby's future would have been if we hadn't done this work!'

- Alex Swain

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Healing Baby After Interventions

A free masterclass that will show you the impact modern obstetrics can have on your baby and what you can do to give the first steps towards healing.



lifting the veil

1x session

Pack 5x sessions

This is a consultation to start exploring parts of your experience that might be present in your field or your child's field, illuminating prenatal and birth implicit memories, unhealed generational trauma, childhood trauma, perinatal loss, or birth trauma.
All of these are considered environmental experiences that will be retained in the sensory system and impact the psyche, and well-being. Through somatic practices I will help you start clearing your field and open up your consciousness to powerful healing possibilities.


birth journey exploration


90-min/ each

1x consultation 

This consultation is for you whether your baby is already born or if you are pregnant. It includes a birth mask analysis, and will give you clarity about potential implicit memories from birth and provide pre- and perinatal strategies to start healing. If you are pregnant, you will have a space to reflect on how your birth choices or potential outcomes might be felt from your babies' perspective and what you can do to help after the baby is born.

Image by Luana Azevedo


12-week 1-to-1
coaching program

7x sessions (90-min)
6x integration weeks

CORE is a Perinatal Somatic Coaching Program that is a sensory-informed and somatic-based journey that will uncover the impact of your baby's experience. It will help re-program your baby’s experience by addressing their implicit memory from birth; no matter what your pregnancy and birth were like, there is always time to ease the negative emotions attached to it. 


We will work on the imprints from birth and prenatal life and follow the baby's story and readiness (and yours too) for the experiences that need to be heard.


I will guide you through 7 coaching calls, and 6 integration weeks where I will give you and your baby somatic exercises to help integrate prenatal and birth experiences, sensory activities to support primitive reflex integration, and continuing support that will bring calm and reassurance throughout the whole process.


And if that sounds like something that’s never been done before, that’s because it is!



Birth Re-Imagined:
In The Eyes of The Newborn 

A 3-part workshop for parents and birth workers that will explore what birth is like for babies.

conscious parenting goes beyond attachment.

Your baby's cells have memory from previous generations; your baby's body holds memory from conception, prenatal life and birth; you hold memory from it all, and the way you were parented...
... and it all makes an appearance in the way your relationships will develop between your baby and you.
If we truly want to be conscious parents, we need to start before our biographical experiences, because it all starts before you are born, with birth being one of the most influential moments of the rest of your life as a human.


You will deepen your connection with the mystery of life, and learn about resilience, building a deeper connection with yourself as a parent and your child for who they are. 

'There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.'
Pablo Picasso

This way of looking at babies and ourselves is a change in paradigm.

This is understanding that our choices have an impact on our babies and take ownership of that.

This is about forgiveness.

This is about building a future for our children that is less traumatising and more loving and compassionate.

It's ultimately about connecting with our own humanness and deepest earliest pain. 

And this takes vulnerability, and courage.


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 My goal is to help parents connect with their baby’s prenatal and birth experiences and become sovereign in their baby’s healing journey.

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