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2x 1:1 ONLINE Consultation to discuss your birth options

BIRTH PLAN Coaching Session


The Birth Plan Coaching Sessions will bring you the clarity you need to easily write your birth plan, and it will make you feel stronger and confident about your choices and how to advocate for them.

This is a rare opportunity to have access to a Doula's knowledge and support without paying a premium price.


2x 90-minute 1:1 online calls with me to discuss your birth options or audit your birth plan.

Get a follow up report with suggestions and links for further research

Use my Birth Plan template - for both vaginal and caesarean birth

Use this space to ask any burning questions you have.

Benefit #1: It will bring you clarity about your values and the choices you want to make for your birth.

Benefit #2: It will help you advocate for yourself.

Benefit #3: It will help you phrase your choices and write your birth plan in an effective way.

Benefit #4: It will be a special space just for you. You decide what you want to talk about and you will be supported.

Regularly  $240

30% Off!

special launch bonus

The first 2 people to buy will get an EXTRA 90-MINUTE ONLINE SESSION.

  • 3 sessions for the price of a (discounted) one.

  • 90-minutes x3 of individual support.

  • A full doula antenatal package.

save $283

‘Alex’s support couldn’t have been better.

She was relentless! Always available to support us, not only during but also in-between sessions. For me that was the most important. We would have experienced a higher level of uncertainty and trust in ourselves, and would have been much more exhausting, as to achieve the same level of readiness we would have needed to spend so much more time trying to find everything on our own. Most probably it would have impacted the moment of birth too, we wouldn’t have felt as emotionally string to go through it as we did.’



A Planner that will get your Maternity Journey organised in no time

Maternity Prep Companion ebook and Baby Planner Spreadsheet

The Maternity Prep Companion will save you hundreds of hours looking for this information, and you will be able to just get it all organised in no time. You won't find anywhere else a guide as complete as this one to get all the logistics ready before you meet your baby.

You won't find anywhere else a guide as complete as this one to get all the logistics ready before you meet your baby.


17-page ebook with maternity essentials

Baby essentials checklist

Postpartum Recovery Guide

+ a BABY PLANNER Spreadsheet with all the information in a format to help you keep track of everything you need to sort out during pregnancy, where you can take notes of your antenatal appointments, gather all important contacts, add links and adapt it to your own needs. It is your new maternity agenda!

Benefit #1:  Find exactly the essential baby items you need to get before your baby is born, minimalist style, because babies grow fast. Forget wasting time looking any further, your baby essentials are here!

Benefit #2: With all the information in your mind about the actual birth of your baby, are you confused about what exactly do you need to bring with you to hospital?

Benefit #3: Unsure of what you need for your recovery after birth? Whether that is a caesarean or a vaginal birth, the list is all yours!

When you get The Maternity Prep Companion you will get, for FREE:

The 4th Trimester Recovery Planner

This is a 48-page easy and practical planner that will guide you through the 5 pillars of postpartum and will make it so much easier to know what to expect after baby is born and know how to prepare. Believe me, it will be a life saviour, and your perineum will thank you!

Planning for Postpartum Guide covering the 5 pillars of postpartum recovery

6 healthy recipes to give you energy during postpartum and help you heal

Healing tips and a Postpartum Kit checklist for both vaginal birth and caesarean section

Birth Story Journaling Sheet

Your First months with your baby Observation Sheets


Mindfulness exercises

Self-care ideas to keep you happy and energised

Regularly  $54

30% Off!

special launch bonus

The first 2 people to buy will get


  • The Maternity Prep Companion (now for 17$, normal price $27)

  • The 4th Trimester Recovery Planner (now for free, normal price $27)

  • 6-weeks of exclusive birth support through Slack (priceless, special exclusive bonus offer)

We learnt so many things we didn’t know. Important and interesting information that helped us to make decisions. As a couple, it challenged us to have conversations we would never have had if it wasn’t for Alex’s sessions. To me, as a woman and a mother, it has given me so much empowerment to face birth, which has been a super beautiful and positive experience. I have always felt serene and certain that all was going to be alright even if it didn’t go exactly as planned. I was always confident about the decisions we made, knowing that I had my husband on my side and Alex a phone call away.’



BIRTH PLAN Coaching Session


Regularly  $240

30% Off!

Maternity Prep Companion ebook and Baby Planner Spreadsheet

Regularly  $54

30% Off!

The 4th Trimester Recovery Planner




Learner by nature and Doula by heart, I know how to get you exactly the support you need.

I'm all in on your birth goals and will make sure that you will navigate the new and wondrous waters of motherhood happy and looked after.

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