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Pregnant Belly

Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum.

Find the emotional, practical, and evidence-based support to navigate your journey to parenthood.

Access My Resources and Feel More Informed and Confident From Birth All The way Through Postpartum.



The Best of The Basics for a Good Breastfeeding Start 

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Survive Postpartum with these Valuable Tips

Back Massage

'If a Doula Were a Drug it Would Be Unethical Not To Use It'

John Kennel

Doula Support

Whether you need support for the birth or after the baby is born, find the best fit for you or talk to me and we design a bespoke package just for you.

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A doula will be your emotional holder, your guardian of oxytocin and your safe haven throughout pregnancy as you prepare your body and mind for the birth of your baby. Having a birth doula can change your experience of birth and the first steps into motherhood.


Surround yourself with support during this new stage in your life, honouring your first encounter with your baby and allowing your body to heal. Feeling supported and validated as a new family can have a great impact on how your journey starts.

Doula support

How to Start
in 3 Simple Steps


Book a 15 min discovery call.


Outline a Bespoke Plan.


Feel empowered to make choices on your terms.


Created so you feel supported every step of the way.

Bullet Journal

Plan your
Baby Journey.

Take charge of your own journey. Designing a plan with your wishes is key to a happy experience in pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

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The Holding Mother Session.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by pregnancy or motherhood this is a non-judgmental space to talk about your feelings and have someone to listen and help you find the support you need.


The Magic Baby


Babies are individuals. Whether they cry inconsolably, can´t tolerate to be put down or only feel calm at the breast, they show who they are through their behaviour.

Learn about your baby´s individuality and understand what he his communicating.

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My name is Alexandra and I help you navigate the turbulent waters of parenthood.

This is a space for you to feel empowered to experience your perinatal journey by being informed and honour the power of becoming a mother. 

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My work is grounded on these beliefs.

Birth matters and impacts the way you experience motherhood.
Babies don´t exist without mothers (and others).
Babies are individuals in their own right and should be seen and respected as such.
Mothers need to be cared for in order to care for their babies.
Matrescence is a vulnerable period for a woman becoming a mother and needs to be acknowledged.
Being a good enough mother is the perfect supply for the parent-infant relationship.
Maternal ambivalence is an intrinsic part of motherhood.
Society should consider the needs and concerns of mothers, babies and families a priority.
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  • What is a doula?
    'As birth becomes ever-more medicalised there is far less continuity of care. A doula is a valuable support during the antenatal period and through the birth itself, enabling parents to make informed choices about their care, signposting relevant research-based information and being a reassuring presence. Postnatally, they are able to provide the support that people used to expect of their families and community in times gone by. They can give confidence as the new mother/parent learns how to respond to their baby/babies’ needs, recovers from the birth and finds their feet.' (Nurturing Birth,
  • Does a doula support only home births?
    No. A doula supports you and your family in whatever choices you make. She is there to help you make informed choices and provide the support you need regardless of the circumstances. You will still very much benefit from having a doula with you, even if you are pregnant with your 5th child. Every pregnancy, birth and postpartum period is different, and the challenges , although in different ways, are still going to exist.
  • What is the pricing?
    The Holding Mother services are divided into two types: Doula Support (In-person and virtual) and The Holding Mother Sessions, which you can be booked individually. You can see the price for each session on the website under 'Sessions'. For the doula support the packages can start at £660 for a 10 hour birth virtual support for example but the packages will be designed by you and me, depending on your specific needs and wishes, so the price might vary.
  • What do the packages contain?
    The packages include different types of support depending on your needs. The premium packages include the holistic support every parent needs from the moment they find out they are pregnant until 6 weeks after the baby is born and if you choose to have the premium postnatal support package you will have access to exclusive workshops that will support you from your own transition to motherhood to the first weeks of understanding and bonding with your baby, plus a 5-week baby massage course. Having a doula for this whole period is the only way to truly experience the continuity of care that you won´t find anywhere else.
  • How long are the sessions?
    The Holding Mother sessions are about 60 minutes long each (check the website for more information). The Birth and Postnatal Doula sessions are adapted to your availability. Let´s say you booked 10 hours of antenatal support, this can be split into weekly 1-hour sessions or 2 to 3-hour sessions every fortnight, if you prefer a more condensed support. However, if you have booked in-person support the sessions have the duration of a minimum of 2-hours.
  • What if my labour starts before 38 weeks, can you still support me?
    From 38 to 42 weeks I will be on-call for you and will support you from the moment you go into labour. If it happens that your little one wants to meet the world sooner, if I am available, I will still be supporting you. However, it can collide with other clients I am supporting, and in that case, the situation will have to be managed and discussed on the moment to evaluate the possibilities. I will always do my best to be there for you or find the support you need, even if it means to find a fellow doula to be at your birth if I can´t make it.
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