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Plan your Baby Journey

If you are pregnant and need a plan, you have found the right place.

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Why do I need planning?

It is not uncommon for couples to dismiss the need to plan their perinatal journey, with the postpartum period being the most forgotten, yet most strenuous phase of them all.


It is only after the baby is in their arms that they realise how unprepared they felt for the physical, emotional, and mental changes they experience.

Don't let unpredictability take over your experience of the first months of parenthood. Imagine and plan the journey you want to take and make it happen.

Finding you are expecting is perhaps the most exciting and at the same time frightening news you will ever hear.

You know you want a positive pregnancy and postpartum experience but you feel overwhelmed with all the information, not knowing where to start.


You have heard that being prepared is important but engaging in a full comprehensive birth prep course is not your thing, and...having a doula is not in your plans.

So... what you need is a simple way to find out about the basics of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood and where to find reliable evidence-based support information to make autonomous and informed choices.



  • Choose the courses and classes during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

  • Research the services, support groups that can be useful for birth and postpartum.

  • Find out reliable sources on the internet to look for information.

  • Guidance on what books you might want to read.

  • Think about specialists you might want to see during pregnancy and the postpartum period (eg. pelvic physiotherapist).

  • Sketch your birth plan.

  • Plan your postpartum period, acquiring tips and resources for a smoother recovery and adaptation to a new life with a baby.


  • Choose the courses and classes you would like to attend.

  • Research support groups for birth and postpartum.

  • Think about specialists you might want to see during pregnancy.

  • Learn about the books you might want to read.

  • Learn about the best positions to prepare your pelvis for birth.




  • Decide the birth you want.

  • Know the reliable sources on the internet to look for information.

  • Be informed, know your options for the birth of your choice.

  • Learn the best tips and tricks when the time arrives.

  • Know how you can help birth progress.



  • Learn about the 4th trimester.

  • Tips and resources for a smoother recovery.

  • Support groups and services.

  • Know the best books about parenting or motherhood.

  • BONUS: Plan your Postpartum Workbook.

Plan Your Baby Journey

1 session (60-min): £50

5 sessions: £200

Note: Five is the number of sessions recommended to cover all the above areas. However, this will depend on what is important for you to cover.

Is planning for me?
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