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Get everything you need to feel supported and held in the vulnerable postpartum period.




If I had one wish it would be that all couples spent the same energy planning their postnatal period as they spend planning for birth.

The postpartum period is a delicate phase of your transition into motherhood, and it is often overlooked.​ Planning the postnatal period is one of the most important things you will do for yourself and your family, as you will be prepared to deal with the unpredictable events that are a normal part of adapting to a new life altogether. 


That is why my postnatal support includes one or more antenatal sessions, so we can outline a postnatal plan to help you reflect on what your needs are and be prepared to face the challenges of the fourth trimester.  

As a postpartum doula I will provide you with evidence-based information, and direct support on the most challenging issues early parenting places, creating a safe space for you to share your feelings as you move in to your new role and to have someone showing you the awesome job you are doing whilst helping you along the way.

A Doula can change your experience of motherhood.



Newborn Baby

As the reality sets in, you will need all the help you can get. The doula will help you recover and be there to support you in caring for yourself and the baby.

Water Birth

The presence of a doula will increase your satisfaction with your birth, impacting positively the beginning of the journey with your baby. 

Birthing Centre

A doula will help you to plan your postnatal journey since pregnancy so you feel fully prepared when you get there.

Emotional support

Physical support

Practical support

Evidence-based information and advocacy

higher rates of breastfeeding success

greater understanding of the communication and needs of the baby

higher satisfaction in the relationship with the infant

higher oxytocin levels from having a support system

identification early signs of mental health issues and provide information about possible steps to take

during a pandemic a doula can be the link with the outside world


of care

Choose the package that better fits your needs.

These packages are an example of the type of support you can have, but you might need something in between. Book your free 30-minute session and together we will create a bespoke package just for you.

Basic Postpartum 

1 x 2 hour Antenatal session

(Designing the Postnatal plan)


15 hours Postnatal Support

On-going breastfeeding support by email and text during business hours for the first 6 weeks after birth

10% discount in any of The Holding Mother sessions

The Basic Postpartum package will provide you with the support you need to start your motherhood journey. 

You will have 2 hours of antenatal preparation to plan your postpartum period and 15 hours of  support in all the matters that can arise during the first weeks at home with a baby.

If you have established breastfeeding goals, this package also supports you in getting off to a good start.

Cost: £650 In-person/
£560 virtual support

Rising Motherhood

3 x 2 hour Antenatal sessions

(choose the topics you want to explore)

1 x 2 hour Postnatal planning Session

(to do antenatally)


20 hours Postnatal Support

1 x Holding Mother Session

(Debrief your birth)

1 x Magic Baby Session + Hold and Reassurance touch techniques for discontented babies

5 week Baby Massage course

(30-minute sessions)

On-going breastfeeding support by email and text during business hours from birth to 6 months

The Rising Motherhood package
will provide you with a unique level of support.
You will have access to 6 hours of antenatal preparation where you will lead the way and talk about what you feel you need to prepare for your journey to parenthood.

Also antenatally, we will have a dedicated session to think through the first weeks after birth and plan your postpartum period.

After the baby is born you will have access to a special birth debrief Holding Mother Session, which is a space for you to share your memories and feelings around the birth of your baby.
Included in this premium pack is also a Magic Baby Session, which is usually an unforgettable moment for parents. Together we will observe your newborn's language and what he is communicating. It will help you better respond to his needs and feel more confident as a parent. Besides, you will also get a lovely booklet with a neuro-behavioural description of your baby before 3 months which is an incredible memory to keep.

To further support you and your baby, a 5-week baby massage will be the opportunity to pause the day and bond with your baby. Massaging your baby will support your baby´s social and emotional development, improve relaxation, encourage a calmer sleeping time, and provide relief from congestion, teething, wind, constipation and colic. 


As with every package of the Holding Mother, this package will support your breastfeeding journey and beyond, as I will be backing you until your baby is 6 months old.



I will help you manage the practical aspects of the first sensitive months after birth and endure the psychological challenges you will experience when faced with the daunting yet wondrous task of being responsible for a small person who just entered the world.

Some days you will perhaps need my active listening and encouragement. Other days you might need support in understanding what your baby is trying to communicate, soothing techniques or need reassurance around feeding.

Or maybe you just need me to hold your baby whilst you have a bath and rest.


  • Birth debrief

  • Emotional and physical care

  • Feeding

  • Newborn care

  • Visits and boundaries

  • Partner and sibling support

  • The parent-infant relationship

  • Infant behaviour

  • Developmental spurts

  • Sleep

  • Matrescence and the Transition to motherhood

  • Maternal mental health

  • General questions and discussion

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