Facing Pain in Childbirth

Try this - google 'very scared of...' and wait to see the results. Guess what one of the first results is - fear of giving birth.

And that is also one of the first things I hear from the women I support over and over again. That is why I decided to create this workshop, so you can face the fear of feeling pain by understanding why you are fearing it and its function in childbirth. The enemy of fear is information and communication.

Name it to tame it.

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The Postpartum Workshop

The postpartum period is one of the most delicate stages in the whole perinatal period, and yet the most forgotten. Understanding the physiological changes and needs specific to this period is crucial for a happy start after your baby is born. Because birth is an extremely important stage in your journey with your baby but it's not the end goal.

Once the emotional and physical journey starts outside of the womb, you will need all the support you can get.

This workshop will give you the information you need about the postpartum and help you  start planning your first weeks with your baby.

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Baby's Clutch
Baby's Clutch

What about the Baby?

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