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Holding Newborn Baby


Your Journey to Having Your Doula 
Starts Here!

This Starter Guide will Take You Through the Process of Finding a Doula in a Simple Way, so You Don't Need to Waste Hours Online Looking for the Information.

I Have Done the Heavy Work for You! 

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You have been curious about how a Doula can help during your pregnancy and with your newborn baby, but you have NO IDEA how it all really works, and you are miles away from knowing where to find Doulas, the questions to ask, and how to know if she is the person you really want to bring inside your life.

I hear you, it is confusing and a difficult decision to make during a time with already so many changes. 


And this is why I made it all easy for you. Because finding a Doula will transform your Birth and your life with a Newborn.



Find your Doula using my 7-step Roadmap.

Click the links that will take you straight to the best Directories of Doulas in the UK and US.

Ask the perfect questions that will get to know each of the doulas you chose and make sure they are the right fit for you.

Identify if you can afford a Doula and what arrangements they offer.

Plus these bonuses

A cheat sheet with what doulas might cover antenatally and postnatally.

IS IT WORTH IT? Reflect with me!

Note sheets for writing provisional and shortlisted doulas, organizing contacts and assessing each doula after meeting them.

Write up and assess the information given by the Doulas making it super easy for you to decide.

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This Starter Guide will encourage you to take this important step to prepare for childbirth or feel more supported if you are postpartum and stop feeling like it is one more thing to add to your busy to-do list.

It will save you time scrolling down pages on the internet figuring out where to find a Doula.

It will tell you the questions you need to ask to find the perfect Doula for you.

Gain the confidence to make the decision that will get you to a place of autonomy and empowerment.

You will get clarity on the ways in which a Doula can help you.

It will answer your doubts about Doula's fees and whether you can afford one.

You will find out how Doulas work and how they can help you.

Hi there

I'm Alex

Since 2013, the year my little - now big - boy was born, I saw my path clearer than ever before, and I have not stopped ever since. I have been passionately dedicated to learning all about mothers and the wonderful minds of babies and how they become happy healthy human beings.

I am an advocate for a healthy and happy birth and postpartum, mother of 2 gorgeous boys, a nettle harvester to make tea, and addicted to books.

I have specialized in infant observation where I learned the delicate nuances in the relationships built by mothers and babies and the real importance of closely getting to know babies through their behaviour.

After years of supporting and listening to families in many different ways, I have discovered that the best way to support mothers in the modern world was... to become a Doula.

The best all-around care that families deserve! 

My mission is for all families to experience nothing less than honest and transformational transitions to parenthood.

Sign me up!

You are 1 Week Away from Finding the Best Support for Your Pregnancy, Childbirth OR the Calm and Reassurance you Need for Your First Weeks at Home With your Little Baby.


Dowload This Guide & Follow The Steps.


Save 15 minutes today & Make a List of 5 Doulas.

Here's How to Start:


Send an Email Asking for an Initial Phone Consultation.

Et Voilà, as easy as it gets!

Now you will meet your prospective Doulas and soon you will have 3 Shortlisted Doulas to choose from!

Image by @huanshi


Grab This Guide and Get Away from the Noise of the Internet.

Get Started with Finding the Best Birth and Pospartum Keeper and Empower Yourself by Being Supported. 

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