The Magic

Baby Session

Alleviate the overwhelm of the first 3 months by getting to know your baby from the start.


My baby cries inconsolably.

My baby is always unsettled and fussy.

My baby does not sleep.

My baby is colicky.

My baby wants to be held all the time.

Sleeping Baby


I feel I am not bonding with my baby.

I find really hard to hear my baby crying.

I can´t soothe my baby.

I don´t understand what my baby needs.

Mother and Baby


It takes weeks or even the first months for parents to feel confident about their baby´s needs.


The Magic Baby Sessions are individualised sessions that focus on helping parents getting to know their baby starting right after birth, by using a special framework of observing newborns. Learn about this method here.

You will learn about


Learn about your baby's communication, about the 6 infant states, and how you can better understand your baby´s cues for when he is feeling tired, hungry or needing a break.


Some babies prefer to be physically held most of the time, while others are sensitive to touch and dislike physical transitions. Find out how your baby prefers to be held and about his tolerance to touch.


Find out about how your baby protects his sleep from environment interference and the support he needs from you to help him go to sleep. 


Get to know your baby innate temperament, how he calms down, how he negotiates with the world around him?

Learn about how he prefers to play: by looking at your face, hearing your voice, or both?


Inconsolable babies might have had a difficult birth or may well need more physical and emotional support due to an immature central nervous system. Let´s find out how he prefers to be soothed..

Who is this session for?

  • Parents and babies from 0-3 months.

  • Parents experiencing difficulties in bonding or understanding their babies.

  • Parents who feel stressed and are finding challenging to manage a newborn.

  • Babies from 0-3 with colic, irritability, frequent episodes of inconsolable crying, and difficult to soothe.

  • Sleep-deprived parents whose baby does not rest in patterns that fit the family dynamic.

How you might feel after this session

More confident and in control.
Day and night will be easier to manage.
Know your baby's needs and respond to them.
More connected to your baby.

The Magic Baby Session

1 session (90 min): £65


A booklet with a neuro-behavioural description of your baby before 3 months, a one of a kind memory to keep!

Note: This session is only for babies from 0-3 months. You can do it once or several times during these period to observe the behavioural changes that occur in such a short time.