The Matrescence Session

Map your journey to motherhood and reflect on how your past and present maternal figures influence your mothering.

You don´t understand why you feel this way, when it should be the best moment of your life.

Matrescence is the forgotten transition to motherhood. Similarly to adolescence, it is a developmental process a woman goes through when becoming a mother. As an adolescent learns how to navigate and negotiate his new identity in the world, so does a woman when her baby is born.


We will discuss the concept of Matrescence and what it might mean to your journey.

We will talk about your expectations around motherhood and how the 'hopes and dreams' are fitting your real experience of becoming a mother.  

How were you mothered? 

How was your mother mothered?

What about your grandmother?

Explore the maternal figures in your life and reflect on how they might influence your mothering today or in the future.

Map your maternal lineage and find interesting patterns that have travelled through generations until today.